Our Challenge

At the 2010 census, Texas population was 25.1 million inhabitants. This population is expected to more than double to 55 million inhabitants by the year 2050. Goliad County has two resources that make it an ideal place for growth. It has wide open spaces and it has a large supply of fresh water.

Goliad County needs to be prepared for this future growth by having a long range plan that will leverage our natural resources and rich Texas history to bring business and industry into th County, but do it in a structured manner that will allow us to maintain our rural appeal.

Business and industry can be ruthless. We must be able to manage who our partners will be and where we want them located. Our business and industrial partners must complement our long range plans.

We need to ensure that our groundwater is being effectively managed, that our children are safe and receive a quality education, and that we leverage the knowledge and experience of our senior citizens to help guide our decisions.

We must be proactive in our strategies and with a vision of how we want Goliad County to be for our Grandchildren.

Goliad County will grow. It is inevitable and even desirable. The cost of maintaining our infrastructure will grow just due to inflation. If the county does not grow the tax base, taxes will rise just to keep up with maintenance. This does not take into account major repairs or improvements.

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